Dr. Claude Barfield
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Richard Berman
President of Berman and Company

Chen Guangcheng
Legal scholar and civil rights activist

Dr. Seth Cropsey
Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Dr. Frank Dikötter
Humanities Chair, University of Hong Kong

Dr. Lee Edwards
Chairman, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Prof. Stefan Halper
Author and Professor of Politics, University of Cambridge

Hu Ping
Chief Editor of Beijing Spring

Fred Kaplan
Author of Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War

Henry Li
Executive Director, Informatics & Strategies Institute

Anastasia Lin
Actress and 2015 Miss World Canada

Dimon Liu
Architect and civil rights activist

Seishu Makino
President, Human Rights Foundation of Japan

Peter Mattis
Fellow, The Jamestown Foundation

Matthew Robertson
China News Editor, Epoch Times

Andrew To
Former Chairman, League of Social Democrats (Hong Kong)

Wang Tiancheng
Dissident scholar

Wei Jingsheng
Author and Sakharov Prize Laureate

Dr. Yang Jianli
President, Initiatives for China

Yu Jie
Author and activist

Dr. Miles Maochun Yu
Professor, US Naval Academy